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Veterinary Treatment Facility

The Fort Sam Houston Veterinary Treatment Facility is professionally staffed by Army Veterinary Corps personnel with the primary mission of providing complete veterinary care for all government owned animals. Understanding how important your pet is to you, they offer many types of routine care services for the pets of military families.

The Veterinary Treatment Facility provides preventive medicine, sick call for minor ailments, and some surgical procedures to the cats and dogs of Active Duty and Retired Military personnel, mission permitting.

Sick calls and vaccinations are seen by appointment only. Quarterly Saturday vaccination walk-in clinics are offered on a mission permissible basis.

Pets on Fort Sam Houston

Housing Policies
Please refer to the FSH Family Housing Pet Addendum provided by Lincoln Military Housing for information on pets allowed in housing and breed restrictions.

All pets living on post must be registered at the VTF within 5 working days of arrival. Registration is conducted in person. You will need to bring your pet's medical records and proof of current vaccinations. If your pet is overdue for vaccinations or needs to be micro-chipped, make an appointment prior to or at the time of registration to fulfill all requirements.

Dogs and cats living in Texas should be on monthly heartworm prevention and flea control year round due to the mild winters here. During the summer months, it is very important that animals outdoors have adequate shade and free access to cool water. NEVER leave an animal unattended in a car, even for just a few minutes.

Stray Animals
Stray animals found on post, should be reported to the military police immediately. If the animal has a microchip, it will be brought to the vet clinic on post to find its owner (Be sure to update your contact information each time you PCS.) If the animal is not micro-chipped or the microchip is not registered on post, the pet will be taken to the San Antonio Animal Control.

FSH Military Police
(210) 221-2222
San Antonio Animal Control (ACS)
(210) 207-4PET (4738)

Learn more about the services offered Fort Sam Houston Veterinary Treatment Facility.


(210) 808-6101,

Appointments & Sales
8 am - 4 pm

Closed: Last business day of every month and Federal Holidays

2915 Schofield Rd

Other Military VTF

Randolph AFB
(210) 652-3190

Lackland AFB
(210) 671-3631